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Junior Fellowship Information

The Resilient Democracy Lab seeks expressions of interests for a Lab Research Fellowship position from students who wish to undertake a UNSW Economics Honours degree. This is a predoc position that is most useful to ambitious undergraduate students who are aiming for an international research career. The fellowship is a structured position including research support and supervision over a 10 months honours studies program and a further 6-8 months part-time research focused experience. Total compensation is expected to be between $10,000 and $25,000 over the entire duration of the program.

Who is this for

A typical Lab Research Fellow is a highly motivated undergraduate student in Economics or related discipline who:

  • has applied or will apply to undertake a UNSW Economics Honours degree

  • is aiming to pursue a research career in economics or public policy

  • has research interests aligned with those of the Lab

  • intends to subsequently apply for postgraduate research degrees at the most prestigious universities worldwide (a typical research fellow will pursue a PhD in Economics or Public Policy overseas)

What we expect

Research Fellows are recruited each year for a period 16 to 18 months starting in February, when they begin their UNSW Economics Honours degree studies. To be admitted as Lab Research Fellow the candidate must be admitted and enrolled in the School of Economics honours program at the start of the fellowship and complete the honours studies.

Research Fellows are expected to:

  • regularly participate in the Lab activities

  • carry out a research project in collaboration with their Lab supervisors (it is possible to have joint non-Lab supervisors) towards their honours thesis

  • work on research assistance duties: during the first 10 months, these are light duties compatible with the honours program studies and to be discussed with supervisors; in the subsequent 6-8 months, research assistance duties will focus on the Fellow’s joint research projects with Lab supervisors but also include assistance in other Lab research related projects, including the organization of research events and workshops.


What we offer

The Lab Research Fellowship is structured over two periods. The total package includes research supervision and guidance, research support for thesis-related expenses, and total compensation typically ranging between $10,000 and $25,000.

Year 1: 10 Months (Honours program studies) starting in February

  • research supervision and support from senior members of the Lab

  • inclusion in Lab activities

  • potential for research support (research assistance; experiments, field research, and other research expenses; acquisition of datasets; travel related expenses to conferences). The size of the support depends on the nature of the honours thesis

  • Compensation for research assistance duties expected to be between $1,000 and $2,000


Year 2: 6-8 Months, starting December/January

  • Guaranteed monthly stipend, $1,000 per month (includes research assistance duties and individual research)

  • Additional compensation for research assistance duties beyond those included in monthly stiped, typically ranging between $500 and $2,000 per month

  • Preferential allocation of teaching duties in School of Economics courses related to the Lab, typically ranging between $2,000 and $6,000

How to apply

Interested applicants should apply via email at Applications should include:

  • A cover letter highlighting career intentions, research interests, relevant past experience, relevant courses taken, and whether they have already applied and/or have been admitted to the honours program

  • A CV

  • A copy of academic transcripts

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